The amazing world of flowers

This is The Cup and Saucer Vine, Cobaea, who up here in Maine takes all summer long to pump out its flowers. It’s definitely worth the wait. This painting is actually from last year’s flower, even though I just finished it. It took a year’s worth of glazing, with over 70 layers. Oil on canvas, […]


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 One of the best things about the delphinium is the color blue, the color of the sky brought down to the garden, glowing amongst green leaves.  Oil on canvas,  36×32 inches.

Red and Green and Purple are Just Words

My mother was the queen of thrift.  When I was growing up my Aunt Florie used to buy my sister and me the same dresses, only for me she bought green, because I loved it, and it suited me, being a green eyed redhead, and for my sister she bought red, which suited her coloring […]

The beauty we might have been VS. the beauty that we are

OK, so you know about my ageing face and my coming to terms with the lines on my face.  You know how I have finally acquired the self-confidence to feel beautiful no matter how I look.  I am not vain, I’ve never even worn make-up, and when I look at my face it just looks […]

Indoor greens for earliest Spring food

Up here in Maine the ground is still frozen, and the first wild greens, dandelions are still a few weeks away. Every mid summer I plant Totem endive into the garden, and dig up the tap roots in early fall to store in my refrigerator until we are needing fresh greens. I plant enough for […]

Dysautonomia and the air we breath

I was thinking about how one of my first misdiagnosis really changed my life for the better. I was diagnosed with environmental illness/ asthma. Winston set about fixing up our house. First we had to cut down on humidity. We did this by removing half of my huge indoor garden (I couldn’t part with half […]


I am off to drive Digory to work. As I am backing out of the driveway, my forward path obstructed by a recent firewood delivery not yet stored away, I almost back into the fence, pull forward and try 3 more times until I nearly land in the ditch, but make it, miraculously, onto the […]

Panstarrs, the comet, friends and memory

It was 13 degrees and windy when we walked over to the field with its wide open western vista, big sky. It was a rare for lately clear sky, with a high crescent moon with a halo around it and Jupiter was inside that halo, an hour after sunset. We were looking for the comet […]

Life Is an Art Form

So one finds oneself totally unemployable, and it would be true with or without Dysautonomia. One has to live at one’s own pace, that is key to survival, the key to everything in a Dysautinomiac’s life. So, I decide, in order to carry my weight around here, and afford health insurance I desperately need, to […]